Friday, December 28, 2012

Would you like to mod your ship?

Greetings, capsuleers!

Wulf Brother Industries is just about to wrap up its first month. I've taken some time learning what works well for the corporation, and even things that haven't worked too well (Such as the Veldspar Mining Crystal BPO).

I used Isk Per Hour the other day to see if any of the BPs that I already owned would provide any sort of income. As it turns out, the two Rig BPO's that I owned were both pretty solid for building. So, I built 30 Rigs (10 Medium, 20 Small) and moved them to the market. Who knew they were so popular and so profitable!?

I also built another small batch of Acolytes. What follows are the details:

Acolyte I - 100 runs
Material Costs: 403,614.00
Manufacturing Costs: 3,415.13
Broker Fees: 3,219.44
Sales Tax: 7,049.98
Total Cost: 417,298.55

All 100 have sold at 4,699.99 each, for a total of 469,999.00, which leaves a profit of 52,700.45.

Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I - 10 runs

Material Costs: 24,312,098.30
Manufacturing Costs: 2,843.57
Broker Fees: 262,044.60
Sales Tax: 576,749.47
Total Cost: 25,153,735.94

All 10 have sold for a total of 38,349,962.31, which means a profit of 13,196,226.37.

Small Capacitor Control Circuit I - 20 runs

Material Costs: 10,256,000
Manufacturing Costs: 2,843.57
Broker Fees: 129,489.00
Sales Tax: 285,000.00
Total Cost: 10,673,332.57

As of right now, 13 have sold for a total of 12,349,999.94, which means a profit (to date, with 7 to sell) of 1,676,667.37. Total profit should exceed 8,000,000.

The initial investment on the Rigs is higher, but the margins were much greater. I'm intrigued to see if this is a constant thing with Rigs or did I just get lucky.

I still have some items on the market, I monitor the prices, to make sure I'm the lowest in the station/system. Here's what's still for sale:

Hornet I - 55 units for sale, meaning 45 sold.
Mjolnir Heavy Missile - 77,190 units for sale, meaning 22,810 sold.
Small Capacitor Control Circuit I - 7 for sale, meaning 13 sold.
Veldspar Mining Crystal I - 50 for sale, meaning 0 sold.
Warrior I - 820 for sale, meaning 180 sold.


I'm cooking around some ideas for future blog posts. Is there anything you'd like to see other than just updates about WBI's Manufacturing progress? Don't worry, I'm going to continue posting my updates, just want to augment them with other posts.

As always, thanks for reading.

Fly Safe.

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