Monday, December 17, 2012


Good news!

All of the Warrior I drones that were on the market have SOLD. Well, almost all, I had a few that I only listed for a day, and they didn't all sell. In fact, I'm going to grab them and move them to Amarr to sell them, since I'm able to sell at a higher price there.

My first batch of Hobgoblins is FINALLY ready for the market. I have 1000 little Norman Osbourne-sized drones ready to throw their little pumpkin bombs at all the baddies capsuleers may face.

I'm actually going to increase the price to sell them a little bit, meaning I need to update my previous calculations:

Material Cost: 0 (Yes, I know this is the subject of much debate, but I'm still using zero for this batch)
Manufacturing Cost: 29,395.00
Broker Fee: 47,106.28
Sales Tax: 97,500.00
Total Cost: 174,001.28
Listed Price: 6,500,000 (6500 each)
Profit: 6,325,998.72


Current Project List

Go to Jita and find a new BPO for production
Make a batch of 1,000 Warrior I's to sell in Amarr
Relist unsold Warrior I's in Amarr

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  1. If you are going to put down "0" as your material cost, at least run the numbers for just selling the materials raw to compare.