Monday, December 31, 2012

December 2012 - Monthly Report

WBI officially opened its doors on December 11, 2012. Kiger Wulf, the CEO and Founder loaned 100M to the corporation as seed money. He initially divided up the money between the Master Division and the Industry Division, 50/50.

Therefore, for the purposes of this report, WBI started with 50,000,000.00 ISK.

Blueprints Purchased (All Researched BPOS):
Drones (Acolyte I, Hobgoblin I, Hornet I, Warrior I) - 10,000,000.00
Mjolnir Heavy Missile - 5,500,000.00
Veldspar Mining Crystal - 4,890,000.00

Items Manufactured:
Hobgoblin I - 2,000 (I actually started production on 3,000 more Hobgoblins about a week ago. They'll finish up in a couple more days)
Hornet I - 100
Acolyte I - 200
Warrior I - 1,300
Mjolnir Heavy Missile - 100,000
Veldspar Mining Crystal - 50
Small Capacitor Control Unit - 20
Medium Capacitor Control Unit - 10

Items still on the market:
Hobgoblin I - 0
Hornet I - 55
Acolyte I - 0
Warrior I - 720
Mjolnir Heavy Missile - 190
Veldspar Mining Crystal - 50
Small Capacitor Control Unit - 0
Medium Capacitor Control Unit - 0

Ending Balance in the Industry Tab: 105,527,245.57


This was just the first month, and it only represents a partial month. I'm going to continue working on Industry. I'd like to spend more time creating things, less time waiting for things to finish. One of my goals for January 2013 is to have a total cost of 100,000,000 to create things. This would mean I've been adventurous with my ISK and really worked hard to make as much as I could. I haven't totaled up the cost for Dec 2012, but I would imagine (not counting the BPOs) it's somewhere in the 20-30 million range.

I'd like to purchase 2-3 more BPOs and begin creating those items as well in January.

I'll be paying 50M back to Kiger Wulf and reworking the Wallet Divisions. With such a small operation, there's no real need to separate the money into divisions. I'll operate exclusively from the Master Wallet.

I also finished up Production Efficiency V, which should help to lower costs.

Long Term Goals:

I would like to have Buy Orders set up in my home system for all the materials that I'm using to create. This should, I hope, allow me to have less time flying around trying to get all my materials at the best price. Having them all delivered to my station would save me a lot of time, I imagine.


Special thanks to everyone who has kept up with WBI for the first 20 days. I definitely consider this to be a success, I may not be pulling down billions like some of the people who are following, but I'm quite happy with a meager start to this career.

Your encouragement has been helpful and your concerns have been heard. I will no longer consider minerals that I've mined to be free. I promise.

Thanks for following.

Fly Safe!

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