Sunday, December 16, 2012

More Manufacturing

I'm still getting the hang of manufacturing. My first batch of Hobgoblins is still on the assembly line, it will finish up tonight at 1:00 in the morning. Work tomorrow morning means I won't be waiting up for them to wrap up.

I'm not pleased with my PI right now, I'll be doing some more research and some more skilling in order to get what I want out of PI. If I get my skills up; I'll have more planets and more power to utilize in an effort to maximize profits. Once I'm done getting my main character up to par on PI, I'll begin work on the alts on this account.

I also need to get some manufacturing skills built up on this account. I can only run three manufacturing jobs at a time, something I learned last night when I tried to get three sets of drones going and was rebuffed by my lack of skill (because I already had the Hobgoblins running).

On the 15th, I made another set of Warrior I's to list in Tash-Murkon Prime. I bought the materials off the market, searching for the lowest prices possible. I actually bought much more than I needed, just so that I could sell the minerals at higher prices (which I knew I'd be able to do).

Mexallon: Bought 22,845 units at 50.10 each: 1,144,534.50
Nocxium: Bought 24,390 units at 726.85 each: 17,727,871.50
Pyerite: Bought 1,605,295 units at 12.86 each:  20,644,093.70
Tritanium: Bought 90,000 units at 5.50 each: 495,000

Warrior I's:
Material cost: 823,516.00
Manufacturing cost: 3,864.54
Broker Fee: 7,555.44
Sales Tax: 16,500
Total Cost: 851,435.98 (8,514.36 each)
Listed Price: 1,100,000 (11,000 each)
Profit: 248,564.01

As of writing this, there are only 17 left.

After getting the drones made and listed, I took the rest of the materials and sold them, expecting to make a profit:
Mexallon: Sold 22,245 units at 56.71 each meaning I made 89,391.93.
Nocxium: Sold 23,390 units at 746.33 each meaning I lost 214,959.85.
Pyerite: Sold 1,604,695 units at 13.32 each meaning I made 263,012.91.

Total profit from material flipping: 137,444.99

I won't be doing this with materials ever again. It was a total waste of my time and ISK.

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to make three batches of drones when I went to bed in order to get them on the market this morning. I got two of them made, had to make one more batch this morning after I woke up. Here is the low down:

Acolyte I - 100
Material Cost: 413,974.00
Manufacturing Cost: 3,864.54
Broker Fee: 3623.55
Sales Tax: 7499.99
Total Cost: 428,962.08 (4,289.62 each)
Listed Price: 4,999.99
Total Profit: 71,036.92

Hornet I
Material Cost: 576,067.00
Manufacturing Cost: 3,864.54
Broker Fee: 6757.94
Sales Tax: 13,987.50
Total Cost: 600,676.98 (6,006.77 each)
Listed Price: 9,325.00
Total Profit: 331823.02

Warrior I - 100
Material Cost: 828,984.00
Manufacturing Cost: 3,864.54
Broker Fee: 8,153.01
Sales Tax: 16,875.00
Total Cost: 857876.55 (8,578.77 each)
Listed Price: 11,250
Total Profit: 267123.45

These drones are listed in Amarr, which should explain the price difference.

A new character friend of mine joined WBI; he is planning on mining. I'll be buying some ore from him, but WBI doesn't make enough to buy all the ore he plans to mine.

I'm going to be looking into getting a new BPO, possibly for some form of ammunition.

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