Sunday, December 23, 2012

Planetary Interaction

I've been running PI nonstop (or as close to nonstop as I can) since I first set the whole system up as detailed here. I wasn't thrilled with the system, and I'm still not. Today was the first pickup for the P2 materials, and the second for the P1 materials.

Now, in my defense I found a routing problem I had messed up on one of the planets, I had a P1 product going to the wrong place, therefore slowing down P2 production.

Anyway, I braved the scary world that is low sec and went to retrieve my materials. I'm happy to say I didn't encounter any unfriendlies, and got all of my stuff off the planets, into my cargohold and to a trading hub.

I don't set up sell orders for this stuff, mainly because the volume that is moving through is really low. So, I just sell to the highest buy order.

I have four planets running as close to non-stop as I possibly can, mostly in 23.5 hour shifts, sometimes when I'll be around I lower the time and spend a little more time starting them up, getting those higher yielding first few cycles in.

Retrieving the materials cost me 4,081,500. I then sold my Rocket Fuel, Mechanical Parts, Coolant and Oxygen for a grand total of 30,374,915.49.

Taking into account what it cost in taxes to get the items off the planetary surface, I pulled in 26,293,415.49.

I had made a run for the P1 materials a few days ago, selling a bunch of Oxygen for 7,767,868.30. I don't have the tax number for that, I'm going to estimate it to be at about 1,300,000.00.

This brings my approximate 10 day total to 32,761,283.79.

Back in my previous post, I had approximated about 3,000,000 per day. Turns out, I'm not too bad at math.

My current skill, Production Efficiency will be done in approximately three days. Once it's done, I'll be training one of the PI skills to L4, followed by Mass Production to L3, followed by the other PI skill to L4. This, I think, will be a great use of my skilling time to maximize profitability.

I will then take a solid day to completely revamp my PI system in an attempt to make as much profit from it as possible. I'll probably be adding two more characters to the account in order to get them involved in PI as well, and get them making money for the account. If three characters each make what this one is making, that will translate into an extra 270,000,000 a month. However, I think I can do better. I saw a blog of someone in High Sec who made enough for a PLEX each month. I'm going to figure out if I can approach that type of profitability while still maintaining my relaxed PI play style.

I want this to be an augment to my income stream, not a major time-consumer.

As always, thanks everyone for reading. I read all your comments both here and on the EVE Forums.

Fly safe!

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  1. I route everything to and from the launchpad. This makes everything so much easier and you can put your pick base anywhere on the planet but the launchpad should be central to the one or two extractors you use with the factories around the launchpad to reduce link cost.

    Good luck on your new set up.