Tuesday, December 18, 2012

WBI is now manufacturing Missiles!

The last two days of Industrialing have been good. Over on the forums, there's been a lively debate surrounding the idea that minerals you mine are free or not free.

My position has been displayed a few times in that blog. I'm still working out everything that I'm thinking on that regard. I keep notes of my manufacturing in a journal, and then transcribe them here. So, this isn't all fresh thought, it represents things I've already written down.

Anyway, I had a bunch of drones on the market when I last updated, I had just finished up 1000 hobgoblins and I was eager to get them on the open market. I got them listed and they lasted on the market for 25 minutes before all of them were bought up. This left 90 Acolytes and 90 Hornets still on the market for WBI.

The 90 Acolytes were all purchased today. Interestingly, someone bought all 90 of them, but actually paid more for the last 22 than he did for the first 68. I'm not sure what exactly happened there, but I'll take the extra 8,714 ISK. I literally did nothing for that money.

Once I saw how well the drones sold, I decided to make two more big batches. 1000 Hobgoblins and 1000 Warriors. I went shopping for minerals, and didn't find a price I liked for Isogen. I only needed 4,000 units, so I decided to mine for them. It would take me 6 minutes and I'd be done. No big deal there. Then, for some silly reason, I decided I didn't want to buy Tritanium. So, I spent about an hour mining. These don't have prices for the Tritanium, but I promise, I don't want to do that again.

Hobgoblin I
Material Cost: 1,589,560
Manufacturing Cost: 29,645.12
(Need to get the numbers for selling them later.)

Warrior I
Material Cost: 3,099,620.00
Manufacturing Cost: 29,645.12
(Again, I'll run numbers again once these are on the market)

I set three goals on my list. One was to make a big batch of Warrior I's to sell in Amarr. See above, those are in the oven.

Another goal was to go to Jita and find a researched BPO in my price range. I searched and searched, I took some ideas up with me, mostly rockets and missiles. I found a blueprint for Mjolnir Heavy Missile in Jita with good ME/PE for 5.5M. The price was right, so I went ahead and bought the BPO.

I also accomplished my third goal which was to relist the Warriors from the previous screwup in Amarr. They all sold immediately.

This morning, I decided to mine my Mackinaw full and sell the materials, this is one of those ways to make ISK while the baby is awake (We have a 7-month old in the house). I mined the thing full and sold all of the minerals with the exception of 2,000 Nocxium (which I'll get to in a moment).

All told, WBI made an easy 26,000,000 this morning from me selling mats that were laying around.

I hung onto the 2,000 Nocxium because I needed them for my next project. I could sell the Nocxium for 752.51, but to buy it, it would cost 757.00. So, I saved myself some ISK by "buying" from myself. I see now what the value of the minerals I mine is. In this case, about 10,000 ISK. I then bought some minerals on the open market (for less than what I sold my others for) and returned home to make my first batch of missiles.

Mjolnir Heavy Missiles - 1,000 runs (100,000 missiles)
Nocxium: 1,505,020.00
Pyerite: 1,756,000.00
Tritanium: 2,767,100.00
Material Cost: 7,028,120.00
Manufacturing Cost: 20,558.38
(Market Fees, I'll figure out later, as with pricing. Have to check the market in Amarr).

To cap off the night, I picked up the P1 materials I have, Oxygen and sold a big stack of them for 7,700,000 in my personal wallet.

Some things I'm thinking about:
Research - I've checked all the lowsec stations in my immediate vicinity that have labs in them (Thank you Ombey). They are all booked solid. This is something I'll have to really start to figure out.
Jump Clone - My standings with Ishukone broke 8.0, meaning I can install my first jump clone with a skill book. I don't know what the whole benefit of jump clones is, but I imagine there's a good reason to work on this! What's the most effective way to use a jump clone for an Industrial player?
Advertisement - Is anyone reading this willing to buy some ad space here? Prices would be pretty cheap right now, just something I'm thinking of.

Fly safe, readers.

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  1. Greetings!

    Your blog is certainly interesting and off to a good start. Reading about your early manufacturing adventures in New Eden reminds me of when I first started playing Eve in I think 2007 or 2008. I remember thinking that buying a Rifter for 250k isk was just SO expensive.

    As for your approach to manufacturing, you are headed in a similar direction to what I was. I lived in Minmatar space near Hek and ran jobs creating small projectile ammo. There isn't much else in the gaming world that can compare with watching a corporation in Eve grow successfully.

    I will certainly continue to read this and will provide any useful information that I can as when I stopped playing about a year back I was running a successful manufacturing corp near Hek.

    I have dabbled with the idea of rejoining the game and, if I do, perhaps I could join your corp or we could team up some other way. But, that has yet to be seen.

    Thanks for the good read and memories!