Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's been a few days

One of the things I'm noticing about my life as a Manufacturer is that there's a bit of downtime. This will go down as my skills go up, but at the moment, I'm seeing quite a bit of downtime where there's nothing to do to help me achieve my goals.

The 1,000 Hobgoblins and 1,000 Warriors all finished the other day, and I moved them to sell. Here is the cost/profit breakdown:

Material Cost: 1,589,560.00
Manufacturing Cost: 29,645.12
Broker Fee: 101,559.69
Sales Tax: 210,000
Total Cost: 1,930,764.81
They are currently listed at 8,799.99 each. Meaning I'll get a lot of profit based on these (Again, I'm using an outdated Material Cost, explained in previous posts). As of this post, 328 units have sold.

Material Cost: 3,099,620.00
Manufacturing Cost: 29,645.12
Broker Fee: 89,391.54
Sales Tax: 195,000
Total Cost: 3,413,656.66
They are currently listed at 13,000 each. Again, I'll get a lot of profit based on these prices (same outdated Material Cost). As of this post, 96 units have sold.

I'm selling the Mjolnir Missiles for 75 each. As of this post, 10,000/100,000 units have sold.

All of these items are profitable for me.

So, I took a little gamble and bought a new BPO for Veldspar Mining Crystals. I paid 4.89 for a researched BPO. I immediately bought the materials to make 50 units to sell.

Veldspar Mining Crystal I
Material Cost: 999,700
Manufacturing Cost: 1,198.42
Broker Fee: 8,515.37
Sales Tax: 17,625
Total Cost: 1,027,038.79
Currently listed for 23,500, this is a razor thin profit margin. I probably shouldn't have bought this BPO, as it will turn out to be not profitable enough for me.

I have an employee now, and bought some ore from him. Much cheaper than it would cost me to buy the minerals on the market!

I'm going to do a PI update tonight. All my planets have been running for a while now. We'll harvest and sell tonight, see what kind of profit I've got on my hands.

As always, fly safe.

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