Friday, December 14, 2012

Small Drone Batch

I read all the comments on here, and on the EVE Forums today. I'd like to thank each of you who took the time to read.

I did a little work today. I mined a little bit in the morning for some cash to insert directly to the corp. Total cash from my mining efforts was, 10,923,427.90. This was deposited into the Industry Account.

I decided to make a small batch (100) of Warrior I drones. I, again, used materials on hand, so I won't count the cost in my cost to build. Yes, I got a few comments about doing this, but it won't be a problem from here on out. And, while it may not represent what we consider a usual "profit per unit," it does represent the profit that WBI is making based on these drones.

100 Warrior I's
Material Cost: 0
Manufacturing Cost: 3,864.54
Broker Fee: 7,555.44
Sales Tax: 16,500.00
Total Cost (per Unit): 27,919.98 (279.20)
Selling Price per Unit: 11,000 (slightly less than the regional average, will be the cheapest in this station)

Total Profit Expected: 1,072,080.02

I messed up and accidentally listed the drones for 1 day. Perhaps they'll sell, but, I'll probably have to relist them.

After this, I sold all the materials that I had previously mined. All of them. This represented the largest influx of cash I've ever had, personally. Should give me some breathing room for a while.

I did a little bit of work on PI, I'm completely unsatisfied with my results from last night's 4 hours worth of work. A simple 3 days worth of skilling could help, but I'm not sure if I'll like the results. One nice thing is that I don't have to pick up as often because P2 is much smaller yield!

We'll see how the drones sell. The batch of Hobgoblins will be done soon, too. Then, I can get them on the market.

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  1. Good luck in your endeavour.

    A few comments - when you relist your goods on the market you'll be paying the broker fee again, make sure you list products you sell for 3 months, there is no extra charge no matter how long you sell it for, so it's a no brainer.

    According to my refining spreadsheets with Jita mineral prices, a Warrior I refines at 7,429 isk each. Your building costs may be extra if you're not max skilled in production, although the ME of the blueprint will reduce it (EIO: Builder coming soon).

    Check out EIO: Refinery at
    for more information.

    If you want advice and guidance on pricing your materials, goods and lowering those pesky market costs visit EIO Public ingame channel where you can find me (Sidrat Flush, in game name).