Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mid-January Update

I'm attempting to figure out the future of this blog. I don't want to continue posting play-by-play of what I'm doing, because I'm thinking people might be using my information to swoop in and either flood the market or attempt to compete with me. I'm not overly fond of either of these things.

So, I'm going to update on how the month has been so far, but I'm going to be purposely vague. With that in mind, I'm always willing to help out new Industrial players, if you want to chat about the profession, feel free to contact me.

Now, onto the update. A lot of things are happening at WBI, a few other RL friends joined the corporation, which doesn't mean much, because I have no idea what I'm doing with the corp, it was really just a means to keep money allocated properly for manufacturing as opposed to spending money on all the ships I lose because I don't know how to warp out of missions properly. Not that this is something that happens all that often... whatever. Don't ask any questions about this part!

I've contacted the people who purchase large quantities of what I build. I'd like to set up something direct with them and remove the middlemen called brokers from the manufacturing equation. I have a page on this blog call orders. On there, I have listed everything I'll take orders for. If you're interested in purchasing any volume of those things, let me know and I'll take care of it.

I'm finally able, I think, to set up more static buy orders for materials of all shapes/sizes. This should, I hope get me a discount on materials. However, my current method is to make a direct order with the miners in my home system and get them directly filled for ore. This allows me to refine it myself, which gives me some excess that I then go sell. By doing it this way, I generally save some ISK on the material cost.

One of the roadblocks I feel like I've run into is that I need to move larger and larger amounts of ISK (not billions of ISK), but more than I was initially running. I have five manufacturing slots, and I'm doing my best to keep them running at all times, but I'm trying to be very conscious of flooding the market with goods. I've subscribed to the Bulk Trade list, has anyone found this to be a solid way to move products they manufacture? I assume the profit margin is a bit tighter, but the benefit is a direct sale of a large amount of goods.

I'll keep thinking about this.

In the mean time, thanks to everyone who reads and comments. I read them all, I appreciate every view I get on this blog.

As always,

Fly Safe.

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