Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Manufacturing Update

I've learned that there is one thing that seems to grind my productivity to a halt. An incursion in my constellation. We've had two of them over the past few weeks. All the miners that usually dote around the system all go into hiding because incursion rats are trolling the belts.

So, manufacturing slowed down a little bit this week, but the incursion is over. The manufacturing arrays have restarted.

I also ran into some computer problems yesterday, had to do a full reinstall of Windows, which is never fun.

Everything is working as intended right now, though.

I sold nearly all of my inventory. So, had to get new product in.

I had a person contact me the other night, wanted to offer some encouragement and actually gave me three researched BPOs for my budding business. I'm currently making 10 Rifters, 10 Thrashers, and 10 Cynosural Field Generators. I'll do a full profit analysis once they're all made and sold.

I'm also making 1000 Hobgoblins (which I can't make fast enough) and 50,000 EMP L.

The Rifters finished up and the Thrashers will as well, so I'm also making more Rigs.

I'm not sure if someone has been reading my blog and decided to undercut the market value of something I'm selling or not, but one of my products was severely undercut (to the tune of 35%) this week. I'm not sure if someone is playing a little PVP on the market with me or not, but I'm trying to decide if continuing to post everything I'm doing here in this blog is still the best idea.

So, please bear with the somewhat cryptic update as I continue to think about my operations.

Thanks for reading!

Fly safe!


  1. If his price is under the refine price, buy them and refine them. You must be able to refine at zero waste of course or take the loss in to account.

    Depending on the item if hes undercutting you by that much he could well be undervaluing his own materials.

    Good luck.

  2. Yeah, probably able to undercut you by that much because hey! they mined the minerals, so material cost is zero!
    Scrapmetal Processing ftw.